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A crane then informed him that Sita had been abducted by Ravana. That her tears fell on the crane body, which is why the bird is white in colour. Relieved to hear this, Ram said that during the rains, the crane can relax and his wife will feed him with the fish she catches.

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However, social media has also shown its dark side as a way to harass and bully people, never more so than with kids at school. Now, bullying isn’t just restricted to the day at school, it continues in the social media world, leaving those effected seeming like there is nowhere to go. It has led game makers to spend as much creating a game as movie studios spend on a blockbuster movie, if not more.

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The city has so far received 2,366mm rain between June 1 and August 5 (8.30pm) against its seasonal average of 2066mm. The Santacruz weather station, representative of the suburbs, has recorded 2,356.9mm rain during the same period against its seasonal average of 2260.4mm. In 59 hours till 8.30pm on Wednesday, the city has received 456mm rain..

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