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Before tonight’s Habs/Caps game, a rally to protest excessive violence in hockey, vicious/unnecessary shots to the head and support player safety will commence at 5PM at Centennial Plaza. The peaceful rally is aimed at bringing attention to a very hot button issue that has been thrust into the limelight following last week’s ‘incident’ in Montreal. As mentioned numerous times before, the rally is not a protest against the Boston Bruins or Zdeno Chara.

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wholesale nba basketball “I always be an Oilers fan, it just frustrating sometimes and it hard to keep it all in. Sometimes you feel like you have to do something about it. I don think it going to make much of a difference anyways but it shows that fans are frustrated.”. “Our goal is to grow the game,” said Decker, who served as a coach in Lake Placid. “As the players get older, we want them to have a sustainable and reliable professional league to play in. Younger players are just honestly really appreciative of what we’re trying cheap jerseys nba to do wholesale nba basketball.

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