I am using “toxic” in a tongue in cheek way; I hope

District Judge Emmet Sullivan to drop the charges against Flynn following public pressure from Trump and his political allies. Flynn had sought to withdraw his guilty plea and accused the FBI of tricking him. Sullivan has scheduled a July 16 hearing on the matter. https://www.the23legend.com

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Mindy: Right, right. That’s so true. Okay, so I want to welcome Rosemarie Groner to the show. It’s worth noting, too, that the FDA doesn’t allow for a use such as the one Trump claims. This announcement follows a predictable pattern for Trump of escalating a rhetorical point. Trump wants to disparage Bright, so he claims that hydroxychloroquine is safe and effective.

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Trump would later brush off the controversy, insisting Asian Americans agreed “100 percent” with his use of “Chinese virus” to describe COVID 19.Hegseth complained that the left wants to “weaponize” language and “control it” in an effort to make conservatives appear to be the “bad guy,” something that Carlson agreed with wholeheartedly.”They control language to control your thoughts,” Carlson declared.Hegseth would then go on to hawk his latest book, American Crusade, claiming America is now in a “holy war and the righteous cause for human freedom” before snarking that the left should file a class action lawsuit.”They should seek reparation because they’ve been damaged forever with the title they were given based on the racist notions of Americans who name something after where it came from,” he exclaimed. “As we’re staring down the communist Chinese who want to end our civilization. So, join the crusade, that’s what it’s going to take to save our country.”Hate crimes against Asian Americans, meanwhile, have continued to rise amid the coronavirus pandemic, as people of Asian descent have increasingly reported being verbally assaulted, coughed at, and spat on by assailants who blame them for the virus.Kellyanne Conway Spars With Reporters Over ‘Kung Flu’ Coronavirus cheap jerseys SlurRead more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day.

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