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Last month, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that both public and private schools in California counties where the coronavirus continues to spread would be required to begin the fall with distance learning. Newsom’s guidance, which covers 38 of California’s most populous counties, means the majority of children in the state are unlikely to see the inside of a classroom until COVID 19 cases significantly decline..

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Are you feeling sluggish, tired, and chronically constipated? Are you plagued by insomnia and depression? For many individuals, the problem may be an impacted colon. Many alternative health professionals believe that a clean colon is the pathway to good health and overall well being. A colon impacted by years of undigested waste and fecal matter can lead to poor health and in the worst cases can lead to colon cancer..

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Teaching non tech savvy family members how to use video chat and social media can be a bonding experience and will help pave the way for easier and more frequent communication in the future. You can also set your grandparent up with useful home features like the SURE Universal Remote, which allows them to control their TV and other devices from their smartphone. Some grandparents may not realize they can watch their cable TV content from their mobile device or schedule a DVR recording using apps like Cox Connect..

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