“It so up in the air,” Ciesla said Friday, noting:

“(I) wasn’t quite sure exactly what number would come in, but the biggest thing to consider is players taking care of both themselves, as well as their families, and each player has their own unique circumstance, says Browns team physician Dr. James Voos. Feel that it is our job to help to guide them through it, serve as a trusted health care adviser and allow them to ultimately make that decision themselves..

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The county elections board then has to approve or reject the provisional ballots to ensure no one cast one of them in addition to sending in a mail in ballot.Voters whose mail in ballots were rejected because of discrepancies over their signature also have until July 23 to file a challenge, Mackey said.”It so up in the air,” Ciesla said Friday, noting: “The math is with me.”Tomaszewski could not be reached immediately for comment Friday afternoon. Ciesla said she hadn heard https://www.nfljerseywholsalestore.com from him.If the ratios hold out and Ciesla declares victory, she said she would post an announcement on her campaign Facebook page, Lori Ciesla for Freeholder.Ciesla, of Lopatcong Township, and Tomaszewski, of Mansfield Township, ran to succeed Freeholder Director Richard Gardner. The primary winner will face Blairstown Township resident Steven J.

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