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cheap jerseys You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeThe government has reportedly shelved plans to lockdown over 50s in a desperate bid to avert a second coronavirus wave after they were criticised as “ageist”, it has been claimed.No10 scrapped the scheme over fears it could hamper the already flagging economy, would be difficult to police and could give off the wrong message, reports The Daily Telegraph.Boris Johnson and ministers were said to be mulling over advising millions of wholesale nfl jerseys older people to isolate as cases continue to surge, as one of a number of possibilities.But critics had said the controversial idea failed to take into account the importance of that age bracket in terms of the country workforce while also being discriminatory.For updates on coronavirus, follow our live blog HEREDon miss our coronavirus newsletter with all the essential informationInstead, they pointed the government in the direction of rule flouting youths, who they said need to be more effectively forced to social distance and avoiding mass gatherings.It comes after photos showed younger people continuously breaching restrictions during the heatwave over the weekend.Former Labour government adviser Baroness Joan Bakewell, 87, told the Daily Mail : “Young people assume it is over and are not distancing themselves as they should. They know they should, they have been told they should, but they cannot be bothered. That is the crux.”Ex Conservative minister Ros Altmann said: “What we talking about here is a group in society that is being potentially singled out for different treatment just on the basis of their age.”While Labour peer Lord Foulkes said: “It is both ageist and ill thought out cheap jerseys.

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