The mineral is brittle, has uneven fracture, and

“I think the opportunity (to engage new fans) certainly exists, but it’s not the opportunity we’re focused on,” Greeley told Time. “If the ancillary effect of that is people who normally would be watching the NCAA tournament are flipping on Twitch and finding the LCS and sticking around, that’s great. But it’s certainly not what we’re driving towards.”.

Anyway, Biden’s certainly no shoo in, although polls show him beating Trump by an average of 15 points a landslide. By now, you’d think a three legged dog could defeat Trump, but it ain’t necessarily so. Every cynic I know thinks Trump cultists will swarm the polls in support of Dear Leader’s inevitable hate and fear campaign..

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Describing it as “fairly classic,” he said the burger will be made with dry aged bavette steak, cheddar cheese, sliced red onion and a pickle packed house made mayo. It’ll come on a freshly baked potato bun from local burger joint Gasoline Grill and will be roasted in the same pan the meat is cooked in. This being Noma, the patty will be “spiced up with beef garum for umaminess.”.

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