“Saint Cargo” begins with foreboding synth sounds;

Our three children were in their teens and twenties when I started having them ride. My friend’s son had us ride quads on his property in the blue mountains. There was places to climb up and ride down. “Radio Kisses” drips with sensual ’80s prom reverb. When Ricketts hits a major chord in “Tilt” at about the 2:30 mark it sends the heart lurching sideways. “Saint Cargo” begins with foreboding synth sounds; it’s more Vangelis on Blade Runner than Yoshimi at this point.

The rise of video conferencing in recent years has been simply astounding! Organizations that once swore on the efficiency of e mail and fax have gradually abandoned them, to embrace the latest mediums of communication: teleconferencing and video conferencing. The way these two modes of communication have escalated in their stature signifies the level of faith placed in them by today’s businesses. While new age corporate heads are fighting to stay ahead of the competition, those who believe in reaching out to their customers via traditional means find video and web conferencing to be casual and informal.

Speaking of Mozart, you’ll find him cropping up in many places around the city. One of the best places to find out about him is at the flat in which he was born and spent his early years. Located on Getreidegasse it contains artefacts such as the violin he played when he was young.

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