A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said that with

This story should have two parts: one written during the takeout only era brought on by coronavirus and one reported after restaurants can fully reopen.The Euclid Restaurant in Clay is serving most of its regular menu to go, but some of the specialties that have made The Euclid a favorite for generations won’t be available until customers can dine in.Readers have been nominating the Euclid as a Gem’ since last fall. Connie Webb and her husband, David, drive 30 minutes from their home in Pulaski on Fridays for the Euclid’s fried haddock dinners. “We have been going there for years (decades, actually) and haven’t yet found fried haddock anywhere else that compares to the Euclid’s,” Connie said.The Euclid is hardly hidden, though.

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Skinny: Ground Zero made the trip from California to Miami with a primetime Friday night match up versus Defcon the South Florida 7v7 power. Things didnt go as planned for Ground Zero and their Field general Lucas Lenhoff to be honest they seemed jet lagged taking a 70 12 lose. But its not how you start but how you finish it, in that case Lenhoff was Battle Miami 7v7 offensive MVP.

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