At the first blast of a 21 gun salute

Hitting was great, but you don see many double plays in softball, let alone by three eighth graders, South coach Tom O said. IQ is there. They all have high softball IQs. What is the hard part of an exercise program? The answer is getting started. What is even harder? The answer is “staying with it”. Each time you start out to exercise, it takes discipline to get going.

If you are tempted to contact CBS to ask them to send you a sneak preview of the commercials before SuperBowl Sunday, resist the urge to do this. CBS will not oblige, because they do not want to spoil your fun. They want you to enjoy both the game and the commercials, and you cannot enjoy these things if you already know what you are going to see.

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First when you go to land, you want to land on the balls of your feet while bending the knees. You also want your butt to stick way out as you are bending your knees. But don’t allow your knees to go past your toes, and don’t bend them past a 90 degree angle.

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This is not the first bump in the road for 23andMe. Several years back, the company had to stop offering new testing in the wake of a government investigation. Regulators cited 23andMe for being fast and loose with its health reports, which showed consumers genes associated with traits and diseases that were not properly vetted.

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