Attorney General William Barr later seemed to echo

145, G, David Yankey; No. 182, CB, Antone Exum; No. 184, CB, Kendall James; No. We expect people we care about to care about us, and when we don get it, we are disappointed and hate it. Hate makes us fight and be mean to each other. If we teach our children to love themselves, they will have better expectations from their relationships.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Some states had even called in the National Guard to aid overwhelmed police.Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on Saturday told reporters he’d heard unconfirmed reports that white supremacists were coming from elsewhere to stoke the violence and that even drug cartels “are trying to take advantage of the chaos.” John Harrington, the state’s commissioner of public safety, later said they had received intel reports on white supremacists.”But I cannot say that we have confirmed observations of local law enforcement to say that we’ve seen cells of white supremacists in the area,” he said Saturday.But federal officials later pointed “far left extremist groups.” President Donald Trump alleged the violence was “being led by Antifa and other radical groups.” Antifa, short for anti fascists, is an umbrella term for far left leaning militant groups that resist neo Nazis and white supremacists at demonstrations.Attorney General William Barr later seemed to echo Trump’s assertion, saying the violent incidents in Minneapolis were driven by groups using “Antifa like tactics.” Barr vowed that federal prosecutors across the country would use federal riots statutes to charge protesters who cross state lines to participate in violent rioting.A Justice Department spokesperson said the attorney general’s assertion was based on information provided from state and local law enforcement agencies, but did not detail what that information entailed.Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was even more vague, declining to point to any particular ideology in his assessment. His agency has heard that “a number of different groups are involved in these whether it’s Antifa or it’s others, frankly,” he said. Cheap Jerseys from china

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