Plus, fresh meat walks through the locker room doors

Also, I really, really wish I would have worn my headgear for all the hours that I actually claimed to have worn it. Ditto on my retainer. Suffice it to say, the small fortune my folks spent on my braces back in the 1980s would been better invested in that fledging new computer company Apple.

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So now you spend $50 and get a good little traffic jumpstart. When your campaign money is up, just stop doing campaigns, by now you should be getting some organic traffic anyways. Now that was a good investment.. It sometimes seems that the public appetite for celebrity gossip knows no bounds. Not only are millions of newspapers and magazines bought each week and devoured for their celebrity content, many people scour the internet and read celebrity blogs such as the one written by Perez Hilton. And more recently people have been able to get their celebrity fix by following their favourite celebrities on Twitter..

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