So if the vaccine is doing this just to produce an

All the flu vaccine does is to infect you with three different inert strains of the influenza virus to produce an immune system response. So if the vaccine is doing this just to produce an immune system response clearly means that it is your immune system that actually protects you. Think of the immune system as a computer hard drive.

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Macklin MacLear, an ill starred news stringer, lands an opportunity to take on the evil colossus and right the wrongs of his past, but it comes with a heavy price, likely his life and lives of those he loves as he delves into a tech cabal’s tangled links. He remains deeply in love with his ex wife, but she is killed, sending MacLear into a trajectory of mystery and revenge as he takes on an impossible challenge. CYBERDIE, one of the year’s best conspiracy thrillers, zeros in on frightening possibilities of uncontrolled tech breaches into our personal secrets and into society’s crumbling bulwarks, beyond mere cyber attacks and cyber terrorism.

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