Selected as winners of the 2020 Senior Citizen

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cheap jerseys You’ll find ways to manage your mind in times of global distress, gain tools to help alleviate your depression and anxiety and experience a feeling of well being. Keep calm and carry on. Tuesday, July 28, 6:30 7:45 pm. Normally announced in May during Older Americans Month, the awards were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.”Listening to our senior citizens read their stories during the awards ceremony is one of my most favorite events. As with each year, we were impressed with the entries and did not want to completely deprive our seniors of this much anticipated event,” he added.Selected as winners of the 2020 Senior Citizen Legacies Writing Contest were South Orange resident Lorraine Kerry Barnett, who wrote “The Fatality of Dreams,” Montclair resident Rikke Beal who wrote “Kikke Kissing Louis Armstrong,” Caldwell resident Eva M. Ogens who wrote “Love in a Jar” and South Orange resident Janyce Wolf who wrote “The Day the World Changes.” Receiving honorable mentions were Montclair resident Roger Birnbaum who wrote “Off to War,” Bloomfield resident Alfred Sonny Piccoli who wrote “Remembering Downtown Newark in the 1960s,” South Orange resident Terry Salley who wrote “O My Grief” and Bloomfield resident Paula R. cheap jerseys

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